Monday, November 29, 2010

Good bye for now!

Well, dear loyal readers, I'm bringing the corporate gypsy tales to a close. My goal was to make it all the way through 2010, and I'm falling a little short of that. I'm going to blame the onset of the holidays, plus end of year close at my job, and all of the commitments that entails.

I want to say sincerely that I have had so much fun doing this! It was a great project and thank you to everyone who read!!

No worries, I'll still be continuing my corporate travels. So, if you see a girl falling down, throwing up, poking her eye out with a folder, dancing in an elevator, wearing inappopriate attire, crying in an airport-it's likely me!

Thank you!!


  1. Congrats on making it almost all the way through 2010. I've really enjoyed reading your posts, even though I usually forget for a couple months and then go back and read them all in one day. Guess I'll have to settle for hearing the stories in person over a beer. :)

  2. Oh no! Could you at least post a blog when you do the big "awards ceremony" event at your job. I don't want to say goodbye forever to the corporate gypsy.

  3. 35 posts is pretty impressive. It really adds up doesn't it? This is very sad, though. I read every single post and very much enjoyed them. Maybe you'll make a triumphant comeback at some point.


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